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Nov 24, 2013 6:00pm EST
former home of a microsoft employee and tomorrow travel to san francisco and los angeles. >>> his job was to protect the president. tonight we hear from one of the last surviving secret service agents in dallas the day jfk was assassinated. >>> out with the old, in with the new. how rio is getting ready for the 2016 olympics. >>> thanksgiving a few days away, that means christmas can't be far >> big turnout for a demolition in rio. crews destroyed part of a bridge that connects the city with the suburbs, part of revitalization efforts as rio prepares to host the 2016 olympic games. one of the projects under way to give the city a bit of a facelift before the summer games. >>> we're getting ready for christmas, the capitol christmas tree is making its way to d.c., the 88-foot spruce is selected from a national park in washington state. today that tree made a stop at joint base andrews in prince georges county. it will be in a position 10:00. the season of giving is upon us and nurses at med star georgetown hospital have been collecting food for those in need. volunteers tell us this ye
Nov 20, 2013 6:00pm EST
charges. >>> at any time now a judge in los angeles will decide whether the entertainer chris brown will be sent to jail immediately. brown is in court for a probation hearing. he's scheduled to be back in d.c. on monday in a misdemeanor assault case here. today we learned brown went on a violent rage in a rehab facility while being treated for anger management issues. he checked into that facility after being arrested outside a hotel near the white house last month. he is still on probation for assaulting his ex-girlfriend, the singer rihanna. experts say it's in the process of creating a new island. it's part of a small island chain south of tokyo. the new land mass is already 800 feet across. this is the first time an eruption has happened in the area in 39 years. >> that's so cool. >>> the beginning of a new geography. got to change the maps. goog google is scrambling today. cold today. but the real story is what's happening this weekend. we're not just in for cold. we're in for frigid air. the numbers minus 40 in canada today. minus 44 was one of the coldest numbers we saw. the
Nov 27, 2013 6:00pm EST
, news 4. >>> a developing story in los angeles right now. a man has taken at least one hostage and barricaded himself inside a house. one police officer has been shot. he was hit in his protective vest and is expected to be okay. officers say it began as a domestic dispute. they were called to a home for reports of a man dragging a 14-year-old girl. police say shots were fired at them as they arrived on the scene. a second officer was sent to a hospital, but officials would not confirm if that officer was also shot. >>> a woman attacked at an atm, robbed and raped. this all happened before 11:00 last night. a man reportedly came up from behind, robbed the victim, and then took her to an alley and sexually assaulted her. mark segraves is here with more on this. mark? >> jim, this is normally a busy stretch at wisconsin avenue with all the shops and restaurants up and down here at friendship heights. last night the rains were heavy. so not many people are out here. still police are hoping that somebody saw something. >> a young woman walking on wisconsin avenue in the area of garriso
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3